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this is a form,  please fill on on the computer then print, sign and send/bring to the centre


Date:                                  Time:                                  to       

If recurring:



Monthly                                         until (date )        

            Specific Dates:      


Nature of Booking :      


Room(s) Booked:


Meeting Room            (Lounge)        

Activity Room                        

ICT Room                                   (exclusive use*)

Changing Room (home)        

Changing Room (away)         

* Note: the ICT Room may be available on a shared basis without additional charge.


Special Requirements:





Person / Organisation Making Booking:      


Signature: …………………………………………………….


Contact Number:      


Invoice Address:





By placing a booking you agree to the Booking Terms and Conditions attached to this form and displayed in the Centre.


NB: The Centre may be in use by others at the same time as your booking, please respect the needs of other users. Every effort will be made when you book to advise you of any known restrictions imposed by other users, although this may change without notice.


Booking Terms and Conditions


1.                  All groups and individuals booking the premises and/or equipment will be held

responsible for any damage or breakages.

2.                  A deposit of 50% is required for confirmed booking, the balance to be paid on or before

the day of booking (or as agreed with management).

3.                  Block bookings to be paid monthly (or as agreed with management) on receipt of


4.                  It is the individual’s or group’s responsibility to leave the premises in a clean and tidy



5.                  Any individual or group booking a room has full use of the kitchen provided they leave it

in a clean and tidy condition.

6.                  The hirer shall be responsible for the security of the Centre during the hours of the


7.                  The kitchen, the equipment therein, the changing and shower rooms and the toilets shall

be left in a clean and tidy condition.

8.                  Observe the NO SMOKING Policy.


9.                  The trustees and the management committee accept no responsibility for :-

(i)                 The loss of or damage to articles brought into the premises in connection with

                                    the hiring of part or all of the premises.

(ii)        The loss from or damage to any vehicles parked at the premises.

(iii)             Any injuries incurred whilst on the premises, unless directly attributable to the

management of the premises.


10.              No equipment shall be fixed to the fabric or furnishings of the building without prior

approval of the Trustees. The existing displays and artworks shall not be removed,

moved or defaced in any way.


11.              Parking at the Centre is reserved for disabled people. You may use the access road to

unload and load only. Additional parking is available at STAN’s store next door.