Friends of

St Martins Footpaths

 The exceptionally wet conditions have resulted in there being very little Volunteer work on our footpaths during the winter. Nevertheless, a number of improvements have been made and problems identified that will be fixed when conditions improve. A widespread problem that has become very apparent over the winter is water-logging. Many of our regularly used paths have become muddy tracks in the fields and water filled holes have developed at gates and stiles. We are discussing how these problems are best dealt with, with a view to carrying out work when the ground dries out somewhat.

The most significant achievement has been the completion of the St Martins Circular Walk which has been fully signed commencing at the War Memorial and leading through Ifton Meadows. This walk is an extension to Shropshire Council's Shropshire Way  which passes through our Parish along the canal tow-path. The Circular Walk now has kissing gates instead of stiles between Stan's and Clark's Lane and the canal  at St Martin's Moor and Ashgrove. Thanks are due to Shropshire Council for their work on this route.

It is Shropshire Council's policy to replace stiles with kissing gates where improved access will yield worthwhile benefits and it is the function of the Friends and the Parish Council to identify those locations.  If you are aware of any locations where gates will give better access, please bring them to our attention.

                                ARE YOU INTERESTED IN PUBLIC RIGHTS of  WAY?
The St Martins Parish Paths Partnership is now officially signed up with Shropshire County Council. This opens the way for us to begin improving our network of footpaths and bridleways.
We will shortly receive a comprehensive set of hand-tools to enable the volunteers to carry out clearance of vegetation and similar obstructions and to repair stiles, gates steps and so on that do not need total replacement. These are to be be kept in a secure store at the Community Centre.
We have already received a substantial number of way-marks (the yellow discs with direction arrows) that we can fix on stiles and way-mark posts as required.
When a small group of volunteers has been established, the County Council will provide a training session at a project of our choosing. Other training will be provided on request.
No volunteers have as yet come forward as a result of the piece in the Parish Newsletter but we have received two complaints, which will be logged.
 Please contact Brian Latham on 772890 if you are interested.