Please be aware of

Catalytic Convertor thefts across the country.

There havn’t been any reported in the Oswestry area for a while but there have been some in Shrewsbury so its something people should be made aware of. 

Thieves are ripping out Catalytic Converter devices from vehicles because they contain precious metals such as platinum and palladium.

Motorists can be left with repair bills of thousands of pounds.  Vans and 4x4s are particularly susceptibleCatalytic converters reduce poisonous gases from the vehicle's exhaust system. Information obtained from 40 UK police forces revealed thefts UK had more than doubled between 2010 and 2012.

Some parts of the country saw a significant rise - in Bedfordshire and South Yorkshire thefts increased more than tenfold.

They more than tripled across Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Leicestershire during the same period.

HOW CAN YOU PREVENT THEFT?Catalytic converters can be uniquely marked in acid with a serial number

  • Motorists are advised to keep their cars in garages or park in well-lit areas
  • Most converters are bolted on - but they can be welded, which makes them harder to remove
  • Fleet owners are advised to obstruct access to high vehicles by parking cars with lower ground clearance round them
  • CCTV cameras should also be installed and warning notices posted up nearby
  • Source: AA and Humberside Police
  • Kate Le’Clere, PC 3718Oswestry Rural North, Safer Neighbourhoods Team
  • Mobile – 07792 774024
  • Please contact us if you have anything you would like to discuss.
  • Our SNT North mobile number is 07816 172510.E-Mail -

To report crime please dial 101 or in an emergency dial 999


Will you be Warm this Winter?

Marches Energy Agency is a local charity offering help and advice for improving the energy efficiency of your home to keep it warmer and reduce energy bills. They can advise on government grants available to help pay for insulation and repair or replacement of old boilers.  With winter just around the corner and the recent energy price rises, don’t delay in contacting them for no obligation advice.  Call   0800 1123 743 or email


Catalytic Converter Theft Warning To Motorists

Police are warning motorists to be aware after several catalytic converters were stolen from vehicles parked in and around Ludlow overnight on Wednesday 6th to Thursday 7th February. Thieves are targeting catalysts – located in the exhaust system under the vehicle – because of the high value of the precious metals they contain. Vehicles with high ground clearance are particularly attractive to thieves because it’s easier to get underneath and steal the converter quickly. Most petrol vehicles made since 1992 and diesel vehicles made since 2001 have catalytic converters fitted.

To reduce the risk of theft from your vehicle:

·            ·        Garage it whenever possible.

·            ·        Park in well-lit, busy areas or fit security lighting nearby.

· · Look out for people working under cars. 

·            ·        If your converter is ‘bolt-on’ you can have the bolts welded shut.

· · Consider purchasing a security marking or fixing device.

If you know who is stealing catalytic converters or spot any suspicious activity around vehicles please call West Mercia Police on 101.

A force spokesperson said: “There are numerous catalytic converter security marking and fixing devices on the market today. A quick conversation with your local garage and they should be able to source something and fit it for you”.


Shropshire Motorists        

Warned Over “Gold” Rings RuseMotorists in Shropshire are being warned not to handover cash to strangers offering "gold" rings in exchange.

The police warning follows several incidents where motorists have been approached or flagged down by people in a car saying they need to buy petrol to visit a sick relative but have run out of money.

They have pleaded for help and offered rings in exchange for money, claiming they are gold.

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said: "This is a con trick.  The rings look like gold but are not.  They are made from brass or similar metal and are virtually worthless.

"We urge people not to be taken in if approached in this manner.  They should contact the police on 101.  Do not handover any money."

The latest incident happened at around 1.30pm yesterday when a motorist was flagged down on the slip road at junction 3 of the M54.

Two men and a woman of Eastern European appearance in an old Volkswagen, possibly a Passat, asked for money to visit their sick father in hospital at Dover.

The motorist initially said he had no money but eventually handed over £280 receiving 16 "gold" rings in exchange.  He later found out they were not gold.

The police spokesperson added: "These people may sound convincing and can be very persuasive.  But do not be tempted and if they persist, say you are calling the police.  Do not part with any money."

Issued: Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Commissioners Give Full Support To Alliance

Ron Ball and Bill Longmore, Police and Crime Commissioners for Warwickshire and West Mercia, have today given their full support to the alliance between the two police forces.

The two PCCs, who took up post last week, have announced their endorsement of the programme of change set out in the blueprint for the Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police alliance.

Speaking today Mr Ball, PCC for Warwickshire, said: "Both myself and Mr Longmore have now been in post for nearly a week and this has given us the opportunity to fully review and understand the proposals under the alliance plans.

"Having both gained a detailed understanding of the rationale behind the alliance it is extremely obvious that in order to achieve the £30.3 million cost reductions across both forces while continuing to deliver the best possible protection, radical changes have to be implemented."

Mr Longmore, West Mercia PCC, added: "The plans in place to deliver high quality, value for money policing services to communities in Warwickshire and West Mercia are extremely well considered.  Having met with both Chief Constables today and reviewed the alliance blueprint both myself and Mr Ball have every confidence that both forces will achieve the cost reductions required and the alliance will increase resilience in critical areas of service delivery. This will result in the more efficient delivery of policing to communities.

"We both recognise the hard work and efforts which have gone in to the progress reached to date and fully support the implementation of the alliance blueprint and the drive forward to achieve these changes."

Both PCCs reiterated that their role was to hold the Chief Constable to account and added that they were confident that policing delivered in alliance will provide better protection than either force could achieve alone.  They added that their top priority is to ensure the provision of high quality, value for money policing services to the people of Herefordshire, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, Warwickshire and Worcestershire and stated that the alliance will achieve this.


Issued on Wednesday 28 November 2012   Neighbourhood Watch

            A Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator has brought the following page of the Microsoft website to my attention - over the last year or so we have had a number of reports of a scam where people receive cold calls from criminals falsely claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Support, who go on to take payment for their (fake) "service" and potentially install viruses and spyware on your computer. The below link gives details of this, and other scams, involving people falsely claiming to be from Microsoft. You may wish to also forward this on to your members.

Please do not report information by replying to this email. Please instead dial the non-emergency police telephone number "101" and relay any information to the West Mercia Force Control Room.

Many thanks.


Adrian Symonds

Community Volunteers Co-ordinator   Worcestershire and Herefordshire   West Mercia Police

The Olympic & Paralympic Games are almost here. 

After a lot of waiting and publicity, the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games are just around the corner.

All eyes will be looking south and east hoping that Team GB will do well in both Games.

It is also common knowledge that the Games will draw a certain amount of Police Officers and other Security Personnel away from their normal duties to ensure a safe and successful Games.

The Chief Constable has stated that it is business as usual during the Games in West Mercia and this will be greatly enhanced with the help and assistance of the Co-ordinators and Members of Neighbourhood & Rural Watch of Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin.

It is therefore important that all Neighbourhood & Rural Watch Co-ordinators and Members be increasingly vigilant during the Games.

• To look out for the more vulnerable members of their community.
• To look out for any untoward suspicious incidents, persons or vehicles.
• To report to the Force Control Room on 101(Non Emergency) or 999 (Emergency).

Remember the Force Control Rooms are both operational 24/7, so Members of the Public can call at anytime of the day or night to report what has been seen and/or heard.

If you don’t report it, the police may not know about it, therefore they will not be able to help you.

Let us all hope for a good outcome for Team GB from the Games and a safe community at home for us all in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin.

The Sun Is Out But Thieves Are About, 

Summer has finally arrived and this week temperatures are expected to peak at 27degC during the day and 19degC at night.

The hot weather has prompted West Mercia Police to remind people in the county not to leave their homes vulnerable to burglars in their attempts to keep cool.

Householders tempted to leave doors and windows open are urged to remain security-conscious and not to make it easy for thieves on the lookout for easy opportunities.

Detective Chief Inspector Gary Watson said: "A large proportion of burglaries are committed by thieves who enter homes through an unlocked door or an open window and there is traditionally a spike in the number of such crimes during hot spells.
"While the West Mercia region is generally a safe place to live, it is important we all make sure thieves don't have an opportunity to spoil our enjoyment of the summer. When you're relaxing over the weekend be careful not to relax your personal security.

"Keep doors locked at all times when not in use and don't leave accessible windows open in unoccupied rooms. For example, if you are in the garden and leave the front door open, it would only take a matter of seconds for an opportunist thief to walk in and grab any valuables left lying round.

"Also, remember to lock up properly before going to bed."

Now the school holidays have started, residents who are going away over the summer are also asked, does your home look lived in? Take the following simple steps to make sure your property is less vulnerable to burglars and you can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind:

Use timer switches/sensors to turn lights on in the evenings while you are out;

Invest in external lighting;

Mark your belongings with your postcode and house number;

If you have an alarm, set it when you leave the house;

Ensure newspapers, post, milk etc, are not left on display;

Ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your home while you're away.


Oswestry Section Quartley News

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St Martins Surgeries

31st May St Martins Community Centre. 3.0pm
28th June St Martins Community Centre. 3.0pm.


PC 1198 Bev Smith, Local Police Officer West Mercia Constabulary.

Mob: 07792774047, 08457 444888



Keep Your Home Secure This Bank Holiday Weekend!

West Mercia Police is issuing crime prevention advice ahead of the Jubilee weekend to make sure people ‘beat the burglars' and have a crime-free bank holiday.

As part of the force's Safe and Secure campaign, people are being reminded to protect their homes if they want to avoid being a victim of crime.

"With many residents going away for the long weekend and half term, thieves may be looking to take advantage of empty homes," says force Crime Risk Manager Ian White. He adds: "A lot of burglaries are opportunistic where thieves seize their chance after finding a window left ajar or a door left unlocked.

"With this in mind, if you are marking the Jubilee celebrations over the weekend, make sure that you secure all windows and doors, and use timer switches for lights if you are going to be out into the evening.

"If you are going away for longer, take a look at the following check list to make sure that your home remains safe and secure while you're away:

Let a trusted neighbour or friend know that you're going away and encourage them to park on your drive to make it look like someone's in.
Make sure gates and side entrances are secure.
Keep spare keys properly concealed and secured.
Invest in external security lighting to keep the outside as well lit as the inside.
Consider installing an alarm - they are an effective deterrent.
Property mark your valuables and then make the details available to the police by registering them on Immobilise - Register property such as mobile phones, bicycles, cameras and laptops. It's free of charge and will improve your chances of getting your things back if they are stolen.

"I would like to reiterate that West Mercia is a safe place to live and burglary figures remain relatively low. In fact, less than one per cent of homes are burgled each year across Herefordshire, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and Worcestershire.

"Our local policing teams work hard to reduce the number of burglaries and you can do your part by following the advice given in this release to ensure that you have a safe and secure bank holiday weekend."

For more information, contact your local crime risk manager or your local policing team on 0300 333 3000. Alternatively, visit the Advice Centre on the force website:

Issued: Tuesday, 29 May 2012


 The parking at Ifton Heath Primary School has come to our attention again after complaints and concerns from members of the public and parents/guardians of pupils.

 The yellow zig-zag outside the school is designated quite clearly with no parking, this was extended to enhance the safety of pupils – people are still parking on it! Also cars are parked too close to the bend which has in the past caused an obstruction mainly to vehicles coming into St Martins from the Overton Road; we have had several near misses recently.

 We are appealing to parents and guardians before we have a serious incident to be considerate when dropping off and picking up their children, and even consider parking at Stan’s or another location near the school to augment children’s safety.  

 Your help and support is greatly appreciated in this matter.